... I collect random, abstract photos that evoke an emotional response.  My home and wardrobe are predominantly neutrals which I love; yet I can find myself drawn to the quirky, colourful and weird at times...

Why I Blog

When I first started TMJ in the summer of 2014, I was a new mom of an almost 6-month old.  We had just conquered a crash course of colic and I was looking for a creative outlet.  So I launched this little blog unsure of what it would look like...



Tomorrow where we live, it’s a holiday called “Family Day,” so we thought this would be the perfect moment to share that this #partyoffour is about to become a #partyoffive mid-August this year! 👶🏼🍼🙏🏻

"The faithfulness of God in every season is not static. It fills every crevice of our world with hope, energy, and strength! There is a miracle of motion in your life."

DC Wilkerson

Wild One

How is it that our youngest is already ONE?  On January 5, 2017 at 8:17 AM, Kyler Jude officially has spent a full year in the outside world.  Our little man is sweet, silly, easy going and the perfect addition to our family.

The Glowing Ginger: Food Diary

As we launch into September, kids are back to school, yellow buses occupy our streets and we all are finding our rhythm as we’re back to the grind.  Even though I am not returning to the classroom, I utilize this transitional season as a time of reflection and catalyst for change.  As much as I love easy, breezy and carefree summer days, I crave routine....