I'm Kristin.  I am a wife, aspiring designer, Christian and for now a SAHM.  My husband and I are parents to three kids- Dylan Archer, Kyler Jude and Noelle Rose. I created this space to document my family's adventures and lessons I've learned along the way.  The Mom Jungle is a modern interpretation of both the family newsletter and scrapbook.  

Why I Blog

Why I Blog

When I first started TMJ in the summer of 2014, I was a new mom of an almost 6-month old.  We had just conquered a crash course of colic and I was searching for a creative outlet.  So I launched this little blog unsure of what it would look like, but I just posted entries for my enjoyment.  I linked it to my social media accounts, but beyond that I have/ had never promoted it whatsoever.  I’m unsure if I truly qualify as a blogger.

Over the course of these past few years, I’ve refined what TMJ is and I thought I would share that with you today.

First and foremost, TMJ is for my kids and family.

When I was writing the “About Me” section, it dawned on me what I wanted was to create an electronic and modern version of the “family newsletter” and “scrapbook.”  My husband's grandmother is the scrapbooking queen and it's precious to watch her now grown grandchildren fawn over the photos and giggle at the captions.  I write this for my family’s enjoyment now- but also for my kids to look back on one day.  When I click “Publish” on an entry, I’m actually thinking of Dylan as a young man looking back on his 4 year-old birthday post, or Kyler looking at his birth announcement.  I’ve included some recipes, not because I am a chef by any stretch, but I love the idea of my kids being able to reference their tastes from childhood.  It is entirely possible that they will never look at it, but I like the idea that these simple childhood memories are only a click away.

TMJ is also for me.

This started as a creative outlet and it still is to this day.  I may not post consistently, but I love how this medium has allowed me to weave words, media and memories together.  

TMJ welcomes everyone.

There are a lot of 'mommy blogs’ out there and given the name of mine, it’s understandable if some would think I am trying to fit that niche, but that isn’t the case here.  There are a plethora of blogs that dole out parental advice.  I am not an expert and definitely not a self-appointed mommy guru.  I’ll share my experiences and what inspires me, but beyond that my heart is to empower my fellow moms to make their own decisions for their family and live life on their own terms.  Other blogs perhaps portray a glam and filtered version of motherhood.  [Full disclosure- most of my Instagram photos have been tweaked and filtered slightly… just trying to enhance what I've got, but not mask anything- except maybe the dark circles under my eyes lol]!  However; I don’t have the desire [or ability] to live up to some sort of Mary Poppins fantasy.   Conversely, some blogs while typically done in a humorous vein, can head into TMI territory at their family’s expense.  There are many things that are private and off limits.  If I have a daughter, I won’t be posting about bra shopping for the first time.  I never want to embarrass my kids, betray their trust or broadcast their eyebrow raising moments in a clickbait fashion.  No number of likes,  shares or comments is worth that price.  It’s all about striking that balance between being authentic, but also exercising wisdom and restraint.  I have shared some of the chaotic challenges of motherhood, but I try to keep it positive overall and not lose perspective of the privilege and blessing it is to raise a family.  As someone who has experienced loss, hearing moms complain about being moms comes as a blow when you so desperately want to become a mom or expand your family.

So this is how THE MOM JUNGLE came to be.  I want to document my children's childhood, inspire and encourage others as I share my journey, and lastly write from the heart, for my heart.

Thanks for reading. xx


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