All in Celebrate

Wild One

How is it that our youngest is already ONE?  On January 5, 2017 at 8:17 AM, Kyler Jude officially has spent a full year in the outside world.  Our little man is sweet, silly, easy going and the perfect addition to our family.

Dylan Archer is 2

Dylan is now TWO!  I never truly understood how time flies until I became a parent.  Birthdays are bittersweet milestones… okay mostly sweet, but there’s a gnawing ache in my heart as I realize just how quickly my firstborn is growing up!  With that said, it’s not everyday that you turn two so a party was in order!

Holiday Gift Guide: Toddlers

Isn't it crazy to think that in two weeks Boxing Day will be here and Christmas will be over?  I love the lead up to the holidays, but I'm ready to celebrate Jesus' birth with my family- and see Dylan open his gifts!  For those of you who have some last minute shopping to do, here is my 2015 holiday gift guide for toddlers.

30 For 30

When I was in high school, I recall watching a romantic comedy called “13 Going on 30.”  The premise of the movie is about a 13 year-old girl named Jenna (played by Jennifer Garner) who wants to bypass the angst of teenage and college years and fast forward to adult life at age 30.  With a little magic she reemerges as a beautiful, über successful, Manhattan-dwelling magazine editor who's thirty years old.

I’ll be honest.  When I first saw the movie I questioned why would she want to be 30 of all ages?  That seemed so old and so far off in the distant future. Haha!  Well… in less than two months from now, I will hit that milestone. [Gulp].

Dylan's Donut 1st Birthday Party!

Today was the day we celebrated Dylan's 1st birthday with our families.  I vividly remember his arrival like it was yesterday.  Where has the time gone?  Yet at the same time, it seems like he has always been a part of our family.  It's impossible to imagine life without him!