All in Faith

All Things New

As I start my week, my prayer is that I would emulate the "Proverbs 31"woman.  I want to be "clothed with strength and dignity."  And to "laugh without fear of the future?"  For the worrier prone me, that is a tall order.  But with God's strength this is possible.  I can breathe easy because I know that He holds the future in His hands.

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech is paramount in an open and free society.  There was a time when freedom of speech wasn't a right- and in some places today, censorship still exists.  I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.

This is where I struggle though.  I think we can misinterpret what freedom of speech means.  We can say whatever we want (within legal parameters) but, that does not mean that we should.  We are accountable for what we say.  

The Thief Of Joy

I collect quotes.  To date, my Pinterest " ~ q u o t e s ~ " board has 633 pins... oops!  One that has stood out from all the others is by Theodore Roosevelt.  He said, "Comparison is the thief of joy."

I hate to admit it, but comparison is something I struggle with.  I often catch myself doing this.  It can be anything from material possessions, an #ootd (outfit of the day), vacations, babies, job promotions, rock'n beach bodies... the list goes on!

A Meantime Season

Today I find myself in a "meantime season," or a waiting period for God-given promises.  Until they are fulfilled, in the meantime, I can choose whether I live and operate by faith or not.  I think we will always be in some kind of "meantime season" one way or another, whether it's for ourselves or on someone else's behalf.  Today, I am pushing through for breakthrough...

Fear Is A Hologram

Fast forward two years later with a healthy baby and still sometimes I am scared.  I can dwell on all the worst-case scenarios and find myself overcome with worry to the point that it is debilitating.  Can you relate to this?

The One Who Cradles Our Desires

This afternoon during Dylan's nap, I spent some quiet time reading the Word and praying.  I wasn't expecting to become so undone as I read my devotional today.  It was just what I needed to hear.  Don't you just love those God-ordained moments?