I'm Kristin.  I am a wife, aspiring designer, Christian and for now a SAHM.  My husband and I are parents to three kids- Dylan Archer, Kyler Jude and Noelle Rose. I created this space to document my family's adventures and lessons I've learned along the way.  The Mom Jungle is a modern interpretation of both the family newsletter and scrapbook.  

Terrific Two's

Terrific Two's

How did we get here?  It seems like just yesterday our Kyler Jude was born. Now he is TWO! We had a few separate family celebrations this year. Here are some snaps from our very belated mini celebration with my family yesterday.  Thank goodness Kyler has zero concept of time haha!

Kyler is the perfect combination of spunky and sweet! Happy birthday sweet boy!  Two years running, he's been grumpy come cake time haha!


  • He loves his stuffed animals... cuddling is his favourite

  • If there is a certain toy he likes, he will clutch it like Gollum on Lord of the rings "my precious" and be prepared for war if you pry it from his hands

  • We're still working his speech, but he's come such a long way and will say "mama" "dadda" "love you" and "night-night"... plus other words too!

  • His favourite treats are probably popcorn and gummy bears... oh and cake!

  • He hates getting dressed and sitting still in general

  • His favourite toys are his dinky cars, books and corn popper

  • He sleeps really well... occasionally we can hear him chatting to himself. It's the sweetest thing ever!

  • He will make the best big brother