All in Toddler


Recently a couple of moms have complimented me on how I discipline my child.  I was more flattered that they focused on that instead of my toddler's tantrums!

Confession Of A SAHM

When my husband came home from work, I breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the door.  I was dishevelled, frazzled and exhausted, but tried to put on a good front.  However; within minutes, my facade had disintegrated and I burst into tears.  In between sobs, I cried sentiments such as...

Two Under Two

As my boys are 22 months apart in age, I have been navigating raising two kids under two years old these past few weeks.  Having more than one child brings both its challenges and blessings.  Obviously the more children, the more work is involved; but seeing my toddler interact with his newborn brother makes this mama swoon!                 

This is what I have learned so far on my very brief journey of having two under two.

Have Courage & Be Kind

I looked at his cherub cheeks and immediately was silenced.  He looked so hurt, so confused and if I could express his feelings in words I knew he would say, "Why don’t you like me Mommy? What did I do wrong?"

Now with tears in my eyes, I knew what I needed to do.   He may only be 20 months old, but I owed him an apology.  Mommy is sorry...