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Painting Pumpkins

Confession- I bought a jumbo pumpkin weeks ago with every intention of making a jack-o'-lantern and it's still in my car! Teething and sickness have rocked our household, and then I stumbled upon these cooking pumpkins for a whopping .45 cents for a pack of 6! Way less time and mess, but still trying to keep things fun & festive... plus anything miniature-sized is cute, right?

No-Sew Sushi Costume

Halloween is just around the corner.  I personally don't like to focus on the scary aspect of this holiday, but rather celebrate dressing up, interacting with neighbours and of course the CANDY! 

It was important to me that I make Dylan's Halloween costume.  I have ZERO seamstress skills, but with a little imagination and LiquidStitch, I made this baby sushi costume.  I can assure you no babies were eaten as a result of this project!