I'm Kristin.  I am a wife, aspiring designer, Christian and for now a SAHM.  My husband and I are parents to three kids- Dylan Archer, Kyler Jude and Noelle Rose. I created this space to document my family's adventures and lessons I've learned along the way.  The Mom Jungle is a modern interpretation of both the family newsletter and scrapbook.  

She's Here

She's Here

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the last “bumpy”

39 weeks, 1 day pregnant

Meet our daughter, Noelle Rose.  We are over the moon in love with our sweet girl who completes our family!



on our way home...

AUGUST 13, 2018

During delivery, I will never forget when Dr. Kalos lifted the baby up and said to my husband, "Tell your wife what's she's having," to which Justin replied, "It's a GIRL.. and I'm not even joking!"  That add-on comment created a moment of confusion for me, but after the medical staff assured me she indeed had girl parts, I burst into tears and exclaimed, "I didn't know how badly I wanted a girl until now!"  *Disclaimer- I would have been completely thrilled with a boy, but hearing that our Noelle, that she was here was the best surprise of my life!  Two weeks later and I still get all the feels just thinking about it!

The boys are obsessed with little sis- if anything I have to referee the amount of kisses they can give her at a time so that she can sleep and eat peacefully!  Dylan will often comment how she is "so cute" and "so pretty" and "so funny."  Kyler tries to pet her head like one would a kitten.  It's clear they adore her and will always be looking out for her. 

We love you baby girl! You added the splash of pink we didn't know our family needed!



Time For School

Time For School

Beach, Please!

Beach, Please!