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Must Haves: 6-9 Months

Must Haves: 6-9 Months

I can hardly believe that my son is almost ten months, meaning it's time that I compile a list for my six to nine month baby essentials!  Here we go...


Parents are given the green-light to begin introducing solids at the age of six months.  Obviously, a high chair is important (click HERE to read our experience starting solids).  I adore this 'nod to mod' one we bought by Phil and Teds.


Around 8 months, Dylan began to drink water with his meals.  I like this one because of the weighted straw so it is works from every angle.  Plus, it's leak-proof so I can carry it worry-free in my diaper bag.  Ours is in the colour bright orange so that we can spot it easily when Dylan tries to hide it (under the couch, behind the chair... etc).  He's a mischievous little fella!


These have zero nutritional value, but they do make a convenient snack on-the-go.  Also, it helps develop Dylan's fine motor skills and independence.


We make Dylan's baby food homemade, but when are are going to be out and about for extended stretches of time, I like to feed Dylan these.  He LOVES them.  Also, I get to experiment with new foods and flavours, seeing what he likes before I commit to making them from scratch!  Tomorrow we will try pears.


At this age, your baby probably will have a tooth or two.  You can never start dental hygiene too young.  We use this on Dylan's pearly whites before bedtime.


The next couple items relate to illness.  At this age babies are so curious and explorative, which often means they come down with colds more often than you or I would.  I use these wipes on Dylan because they contain saline which helps clear congestion.


When babies get stuffed up, it's extra hard on them because they don't know how to blow to expel mucus.  This aspirator called "The Nose Frida" was recommended by a friend and it's an absolute game changer.  It is easy and effective to use.  The concept is gross; it is dubbed "the original snot sucker!"   However; it works, allowing your babe (and subsequently you) some sleep!


On these cold winter nights, I am always afraid that Dylan isn't warm enough.  Blankets aren't advised for babies so we use this instead.  Ours was given to us as a shower gift, but I think this gender-neutral one is adorable too.


At this age babies are BUSY!  Sometimes they need to blow off steam, yet stay in the same place while you use the bathroom, brew a cup of joe, or start on dinner.  We have this two-in-one excersaucer and jumper.  I actually found ours on Kijiji for a fraction of the price.  I would advise young parents to consider buying secondhand.  Of course be smart and safe about it, especially if you are looking at used carseats- I personally wouldn't buy those as you don't know if they have been compromised.  Your safety is important too.  (I took my husband with me to meet the seller and the transaction took place outdoors)  Now that Dylan is starting to pull himself to standing position, I think we may buy an activity table.  Do your kids like activity tables?


My doctor told me the biggest concern for babies in the 6-9 month age bracket is safety.  Our home is officially on lockdown mode.  The first things we did were cover all the outlets, gate unsafe areas, restrict access to our lower cabinets, and relocated all chemicals and medication to high/out-of-reach places.  I'd rather be safe than sorry on this one.


I bought this teething necklace from Mama & Little.  Who knew these even existed?  When I had Dylan, I quickly discovered he would pull at my delicate necklaces so I thought accessorizing was a thing of the past.  Then through Instagram, I became aware of Mama & Little.  They design food-grade silicone jewelry for mamas of teething babies.  I keep this in my diaper bag, because if I am out (say the bank) I can hold him whilst standing line and he is totally entertained with my necklace.  I recommend this to all my mommy-friends.

These items have been essential these past three months.  What are your 6-9 month baby must haves?

* As stated in previous posts, I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned.

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