I'm Kristin.  I am a wife, aspiring designer, Christian and for now a SAHM.  My husband and I are parents to three kids- Dylan Archer, Kyler Jude and Noelle Rose. I created this space to document my family's adventures and lessons I've learned along the way.  The Mom Jungle is a modern interpretation of both the family newsletter and scrapbook.  

Must Haves: 3-6 Months

Must Haves: 3-6 Months


This is by far the BEST toy we have bought Dylan.  He has used this since he discovered how fun kicking was!  As he has grown, he loves to pull on the toys, scratch the mesh material and roll around like a little puppy!  Once he is able to sit, this particular one by Infantino™ converts into a ball pit. So fun!


When Dylan has the sniffles, his humidifier makes breathing so much easier. Having a sick baby is no fun, but the added moisture does wonders for his congestion allowing for longer stretches of sleep at night.


I wasn't too sure if the hype surrounding Sophie™ was the real deal until Dylan played with one at church.  Teething is just starting to kick into gear, and this toy provides relief for their poor little chompers.


As little ones become so much more mobile at this age, this little piece of stretchy rubber has prevented Dylan's pacifier from falling more than the Drop-Zone.  When we're in public, this is a must.  [Public floors= yuck!]  I like this one from Nuk™ as Dylan can't pull it off, it isn't long enough to strangle nor can it wrap tight around a finger due to it's shape/material.


I have found leggings to be ideal for my little mover and shaker.  They are comfortable, stay put, and are uber-fashionable.  I have scoured the stores, but honestly the best place to buy baby leggings is Etsy.  Dylan Archer is our little hipster babe!


During this time, Dylan was just starting to really play with toys!  He was and is OBSESSED with this little car.  The finger holes make it easy to grasp which is why he gravitated towards this toy.  Oball™ toys comes in all kinds of colours and variations.  We call ours "Vroom-Vroom!"


This next item is not so much for baby, but it is needed because of baby (unless you have adopted).  Between three and six month postpartum, often comes hair loss.  I shed so much during this time!  I would vacuum every other day- no small feat with a little one- but this lint brush was a lifesaver as I would roll it on my clothes and furniture in-between dates with my Dyson.   


Need I say more?  Baby moccs are the CUTEST baby apparel bar none for both boys and girls.  An added bonus is they cannot kick them off no matter how hard they try!


On tough teething days, chilled teething toys like this one provide much desired relief.  Teething is hard work!


Story time comes alive with these interactive books! Dylan loves to feel the different textures while listening to our sing-song tones as we read. We love to read when trying to wind Dylan down before bed. We hope by reading stories, that we can cultivate a passion for literacy, reading, and lifelong learning.


I am not a doctor and am not in a position to give medical advice.  Consult your doctor before giving your baby medication.  In our experience after trying EVERYTHING, Advil seems to be the only thing that works when all else fails.  We've only used Advil for teething maybe 3-4 times in his entire life.  On those bad, but thankfully rare days we use medication.

What are you 3-6 month must haves?

* As stated in previous posts, I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above.

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